About Lulama



 BulitoniN. Lulama is an extraordinarily gifted and dynamic speaker, writer, researcher and workshop facilitator. Lulama became a disciple of the Enlightened Master (E.M.) Osho Rajneesh in 1981, which exposed him to the path of Tantra and meditation. During these first years of encountering the E.M. Osho, he met his friend and began his study with the now known international Tantra Teacher Shantam Nityama. Lulama’s studying with Shantum Nityama gained him the insightful understanding of women’s psychological and emotional state. This helped shaped Lulama’s philosophy about the importance and need to develop tools that help women with emotional traumas to heal the psycho-emotional aspect of their person. It is through this exposure that he became an advocate for restoring the balance between men and women. Having a strong interest in Humanistic Psychology, Lulama studied its work and integrated it into his approach along with the Enneagram research, a personality diagnostic system. Lulama has conducted individual  and group sessions, lectures as well as several dynamic ‘self-discovery’ & ‘self-development’ workshops including ‘Women of Today’ and  ‘Beyond the Mind’ held respectively at Howard University and the African American Holiday Expo.

During the latter 1980’s Lulama, concerned about the plight of African American teens, started working as an outreach youth counselor at a youth advocacy center in Washington D.C. He has studied a wide range of therapeutic modalities starting in 1986 at the invitation of Dr. Prem Deben,a Holistic Therapist in Washington DC, who introduced him to the practice of Holistic Health and Healing, and Yoga. Through this relationship he was introduced to the brilliant anthro-photojournalist and Afro Asian historian, Wayne B. Chandler.  As their friendship developed Lulama became a serious student of history and developed a knack for spiritual history.  His exposure to Chandler’s work became the first foundational layer for his research model. The following year he meet the ‘legend,’ Professor Shaha Mfundishi Massi, one of the most preeminent Afro internal  martial artist and Chi Gong master to date. It was in the teachings of Professor Massi that Lulama found the importance of Chi Gong and Afro-centric research that became the second layer for his research model.

In 1993 brother Lulama was called to the feet of his ‘root spiritual Master of Wisdom His Imperishable Glory (HIG) Bambi Baaba Babawue, an living indigenous Ugandan Master of Wisdom. It is through HIG’s teachings that the forgotten spiritual history of Africa and humanity was revealed, initiating the third layer for Lulama’s research model.

Through the practice of Chi Gong and spiritual psychology, he began to understand the vital necessity and importance of working with the mind and body together to help gain insight for developing the healthy personality. For over 25 years, Lulama has continued his quest for a deeper spiritual understanding of Tantra and spiritual history of African men and women for spiritual development.  He has traveled and lived throughout the USA and resides in Washington, DC and Uganda.


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