Understanding Tantra, Sexual Yoga/the Erotic Arts

Understanding Tantra, Sexual Yoga/the Erotic Arts


The educational work that I present on Tantra  sexual yoga/the erotic arts , teachings covers  the history of the sexual yoga/erotic arts their theory and  methods. Tantra is known as the’ path of ecstasy’, due to its  approach of using methods of awareness to enhance sexuality and conduct. Until 7th century Tantra was unknown in the West , the Sufi Moors brought these tales of the ‘Arabian Nights’ to Europe it was through these tales that the first exotic and erotic tales of sexuality reached the ears of Europe.

This ancient system was practiced in Africa/Egypt, India and China, though known by different names,  in India it is Tantra , in China known as  ‘the Tao of  Sexology ‘. One of the Indian  texts that  is popular is the Kamasutra, Kama meaning ‘the transmission of life’  sutra meaning  written teachings. The female practitioners of the Kamasutra learnt and mastered  several of the’ 64 arts of the Kamasutra’ e.g. various forms of seductive dance such belly dancing etc. singing, henna application, music, poetry, flower arrangement etc. Males had to master the understanding of  female nature,  the importance  of  smell, light, food, drink, herbs, music, touch before sexual intercourse begins.

These practitioners  were  known by many names these females were known as ‘Courtesans’ ‘Dakinis,’ Flower Girls, Sexual Yoginis, White Tigeress, Tantrikas- the males were known as ‘Jade Dragons, Tantrikas, Sexual Yogis, too name a few. Through Conscious practice and sophisticated methods practitioners can cultivate ‘ecstasy’, it is this ecstatic experience that also accelerates the  production of estrogen and testosterone, helping the body to rejuvenate, restore mental energy and can advance one towards enlightenment/spiritual advancement.

Practitioners of the art approach sex as sacred  with a joy of celebration of  life in the ‘here and now’…

“As the 64 arts are respected, are charming, and add to the talent of women, they called by the Acharyas[teachers] dear to women. A man skilled in the 64 arts is looked upon with love by his own wife, by the wives of others, and by courtesans.” (Kamasutra)


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