The Healing Power of Chi Gong

All indigenous cultures through out the ages have used some form of energy refinements systems for prevention measures of healing and to address specific concerns of healing the psycho-physical vehicle. These energy refinement systems are known as yoga and Chi Gong, Chi Gong being an Chinese energy refinement system having its root system from the systems of Afro-Indian yoga.

In my work I use the  various aspects of  Chi-Gong  for the power of healing, the first and basic format used is to help one access one’s own energy through the use of self cultivating methods that help to gather, store, balance and  teach one how to properly use one’s energy/Chi. As apart of this format the method known in Africa as the ‘rotation of the inner sun’/the micro-cosmic orbit  is also applied  that combines breath and visualization  directed to various organs in the body.

In this way one takes on the full responsibility of helping to heal one’s self aliment and gain clarity as to why certain health challenges are present, to this effect Chi Gong continues to grow as a popular method of healing.


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